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Have you been arrested or charged with a crime? We understand the stress that you must be feeling when you think about your current predicament and your future. The good news is we are here to protect you and your legal rights. The experienced Florida criminal defense lawyers at Arnold Lawyers can defend you in a variety of criminal law cases.

Florida Assault Defense Attorneys

As Florida assault defense attorneys, we know that disagreements, fights and misunderstandings happen on a daily basis. If things get out of hand, many times people who are involved in these scenarios find themselves with an assault accusation. If you find yourself accused of assault, you will need at attorney to represent and defend you.

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What is assault?

Assault is defined as threatening someone in an attempt to cause harm. This may include hitting, punching, kicking or slapping. You may be charged with assault even if you do not strike another person.

Physical abuse is not the only type of assault. Other forms of assault can include the following:

  • Unwanted touching or harassment
  • Emotional or verbal abuse that is violent
  • Knowingly transmitting a disease
  • Putting something in someone's drink
  • Making violent threats

Any of the above scenarios may result in an assault charge. If you are wrongly accused of assault, you will need the help of an experienced assault defense attorney.

What happens if I am convicted?

If you are convicted, you could face a number of consequences. This may include the following. You may:

  • have to pay a number of fines
  • have to serve a probation sentence
  • face imprisonment which can vary in length depending on conviction
  • be required to attend mandatory counseling sessions
  • be required to addend mandatory anger management courses
  • have difficulty finding and keeping a job
  • have difficulty finding a residence

Once convicted of a criminal charge such as assault, your life will change drastically. It is important to know that without proper defense, conviction is more likely. It is in your best interest get the help of an experienced defense attorney.

What are some assault defenses?

An experienced assault defense attorney will consider a number of defenses to best represent your defense. This may include the following:

  • Consent – The victim consented to the harm that occurred.
  • Punishment – The act was intended as a form of punishment.
  • Prevention of crime- The defendant used force or caused harm in order to prevent a crime.
  • Self defense – The defendant used force or caused harm in order to prevent harm to self, others, or property.

An experienced defense attorney will analyze the above defenses to find the best way to fight your conviction.

Why do I need an assault defense attorney?

If you are convicted of assault, your life will be impacted negatively. With legal guidance and representation, you can work to clear your name.

An experienced defense attorney will know how to properly defend your rights. Get help now. The attorneys at Arnold Lawyers will stand by you throughout your case. We are a team of professional Clay County assault defense lawyers with extensive knowledge in assault defense.

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