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If you have been accused of battery or aggravated battery, we can help defend you. We understand that you are probably confused, frustrated and scared about the uncertainty of your future. It can be overwhelming trying to understand all of the laws involving battery. Let us help make the process easier. We will stand by you and defend your rights. We understand that many battery charges are filed after simple disagreements get out of hand. We will provide legal counsel to you in your time of need.

What is battery?

According to Florida law, battery occurs when a person "intentionally touches or strikes another person, without that person’s consent; or intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.” Aggravated battery occurs if “during the commission of a battery, he/she: Intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement; or uses a deadly weapon. Also, a person commits aggravated battery if the victim of the battery was pregnant at the time of the offense and the offender knew or should have known that the victim was pregnant."
Any of the above scenarios may lead to a battery conviction.

What happens if I am convicted?

Below are some of the consequences that you may face, if convicted:

  • You may have to pay fines.
  • You may have to serve a prison sentence.
  • You may have to serve a probation sentence.
  • You may have to attend counseling.
  • You may have a criminal record.

A battery or aggravated battery conviction could leave a lasting mark on your life. To lessen the above punishments or to avoid them completely, you will need the experienced legal guidance of a battery defense attorney.

What are some battery defenses?

We will work to build a strong defense for your case. Below are some of the examples of possible defenses:

  • Self defense – Did you strike another person in an attempt to protect yourself? If so, we may be able to prove that you were violent in an attempt to defend yourself against another person’s unlawful attack.
  • Consent – We may be able to show that the victim gave consent to the touching or striking. In many cases, we are able to prove that consent occurred in sports related brawls that result in injury.
  • Mutual combat – If you were involved in a physical fight with another person, we may be able to prove that you were both mutually engaged in the fight. This may successfully drop your battery charges.

Why You Need Help

If you are accused of battery, it is important that you seek legal guidance right away. The law is complicated and a conviction will have life-long negative consequences. With the help of our experienced battery defense attorneys, we will build a strong defense against your case.

Where to Get Help

Give us a call today. We will guide you throughout the entire legal battle. We are a team of professional Clay County defense attorneys with extensive knowledge in battery defense. Call (904) 264-3627, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have two offices, which are conveniently located in Clay County. CALL NOW!



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