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Do you need a name change?

There are several reasons why you may choose to legally change your name. If you are considering changing your name or that of a family member, the attorneys at Arnold Law expertly provide the legal guidance that you need and deserve.

We have helped many Florida residents with name changes. We will make the process easy for you!
Take a look at the following Florida name change guide to learn more.

Arnold Law helps adults legally change their name

There are various reasons as to why adults choose to change their name. We help make the process easier and stress-free for each of our clients. Take a look at some of the ways that we can help you with your name change:

  • We can help you change your name after a divorce. This can be accomplished during the divorce process, or after. We understand your desires to restore your maiden name. We can help you by handling all of the legal paperwork and representing you at your name change hearing.
  • We can help you change your name for other reasons. Whether you are choosing to change your name because you don’t like your name or you feel your current name interferes with your ability to get a job, we can help. We will handle all of the legal documents and represent you in court.

If you are an adult in need of a name change, consult with the experienced name change attorneys at Arnold Law. We will discuss your options and help you better understand the name change process.
Arnold Law can help legally change the name of your child

If you are considering a name change for your child, we can help you throughout the process.

You can legally change your child’s name in the following instances:

  • We can help you change your child’s name during an adoption. This will allow your child to share your last name and feel more a part of your family. We want to make the process easier for you by handling all of the legal paperwork and hearings on your behalf.
  • We can help you change your child’s name through a paternity proceeding. We understand your desire for your child to have his or her rightful name. We will guide you throughout the process by handling the necessary legal documentation and representing you in court.
  • We can help you change your child’s name for reasons other than the above. If you choose to change your child’s name for personal reasons, consent is required by both parents. We can help you will all aspects of the name change. With our experience and expertise, we can make the process simpler for you and your family.

Are you in need of a name change?

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