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Arnold Law provides generations of experience and a common sense approach to the law in our representation of juvenile, misdemeanor and felony cases, including drunk driving (DUI), drug offenses, sex crimes, violent crimes, injunctions, and many other types of criminal charges. Arnold Law is a zealous advocate for criminal defendants, tirelessly fighting for everyone of our clients.  Criminal charges can be very confusing and scary but Arnold Law can help clarify your case so you can sleep easy at night. We carefully review each case, combing through the file again and again exploring all defenses, technicalities and mitigation.  We have handled thousands of criminal cases with consistently favorable results. As our slogan states, results you deserve. Arnold Law's experienced attorneys will be able to recognize a good result in your case and explain the possibility of outcomes from the case being dropped to the maximum permissible sentence.

Arnold Law is the perfect criminal law defense attorney.  The sooner we get involved in the case the more opportunities we have for a successful resolution.

The criminal defense attorney you hire could be the difference between a case being dismissed and a lengthy prison sentence. The analogy can be drawn from having the right doctor. You would not hire a podiatrist to do brain surgery.  You do not want to hire an attorney who does not have the requisite experience in criminal law.  Arnold Law has handled thousands of criminal cases of the last 40 plus years. The right attorney can be the difference in a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

  1. Arnold Law is a trial law firm

Arnold Law has 40 plus years of trial experience you deserve.  We are skilled negotiators as well.  We will investigate all the fact, file all the necessary motions and present your case to the prosecution or jury in the light most favorable to you.  

  1. Arnold Law is respected by the judges and prosecutors

The vast majority of criminal cases are dropped or settle short of trial. You must hire an attorney that is well respected by the judges and prosecutors.  The reputation of the law firm you hire is so important and must not be over looked.  Arnold Law has been praised by clients, other attorneys and judges.

  1. Arnold Law understands your case is the most important issue in your life regardless of the severity of the case

The attorneys at Arnold Law will listen attentively and answer all the questions you and your family may have about your case. We will comb over the case again and again looking at all the angles.

The common areas of our criminal practices 

  1. DUI (Driving under the influence)

A DUI charge can carry disastrous consequences.  Even a first time DUI defendant can serve jail time, pay fines and court costs, suffer license suspension, have their vehicle impounded and include DUI classes and rehabilitation.  The second and third DUI penalties can be worst. If injury or death occurs as a result of the DUI the penalties can be severe. Many people who drive for a their job may become unemployed as a result of a DUI. Commercial drivers may have their CDL (commercial driver's license) suspended as a result of DUI.  An experienced DUI firm such as Arnold Law is imperative to success.

  1. Drug Cases

There are many varieties of drug crimes ranging from possession to sale and manufacture or trafficking. The punishment ranges from an infraction to a felony. The punishments range from court costs to prison sentences. Many counties in Florida offer a pretrial diversion programs (PTI). If a defendant completes the PTI program then the case is dropped. Defendants who are first time nonviolent offenders, such as drug offenders, often qualify for the PTI program. If you have an attorney familiar with the PTI program who ask the state if it is an option, you are more willing to get offered PTI.

  1. Assault & Battery

In Florida,  a battery is the unwanted touching of another person. This may be a very small amount of force. An assault is the attempt to commit a battery on another. If a deadly weapon is used a battery may be charged as a felony. If the victim is in a protected class such as elderly or a child then the battery may be charged as a felony. 

  1. Domestic Battery

If a battery is alleged to have been committed by an individual in a relationship with another such as a spouse, partner or family member it may be a domestic battery. 

  1. Theft Crimes

Property theft crimes are very common.  The charges stem from the defendant allegedly taking property of another to deprive the owner of said use.  The level of the charges depend on the dollar amount of the theft and amount of force used. Arnold Law has used many defense strategies for many different theft and theft class cases. 

  1. Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are often the most destructive from of criminal case a criminal attorney will handle. Relationships and families are destroyed. The penalties are very harsh. The stigma that goes along with these cases often follow the defendant for the rest of their lives. Arnold Law has handled many sex crimes including rape, statutory rape, child abuse, traveling to meet a minor and child pornography. If you have been charged with a sex crime it is extremely important to have an attorney who understands the law in this niche.

The 3 A's - different stages of a criminal prosecution

Commonly, a criminal case consists of three stages: arrest, arraignment, and adjudication (AAA).

  • Arrest

Criminal cases usually begin with an arrest.  A law enforcement officer sees or is informed that a crime has been committed. The officer believes there is probable cause (PC) to make an arrest.  Police must have PC to under the 4th Am. to the US constitution to make an arrest. The officer must be able to articulate the facts so that a reasonable person would conclude that a crime has been committed.  The facts are recorded in an arrest report created by the arresting officer.  This report is delivered to the state attorney who will decide whether or not the prosecute the case.  If the state attorney decides to prosecute the case a formal information is filed.  The information is the charging document.  A defendant may be arrested for certain crimes but the state attorney may file the same or different charges in the information if he or she believes the facts warrant it. After an arrest the defendant is brought before a judge for a first appearance where the case may be resolved and issues such as bond are visited. After the information is filed by the state the case is set for a formal arraignment of the charges in front of the judge.

  • Arraignment

The formal arraignment of the charges in front of the judge based on the charges filed in the information is filed by the state is the next stage of a criminal prosecution.  The state attorney may elect not to file an information (No Info) for a variety of reasons. After the information has been filled the defendant may plead guilty, not contest or not guilty.  If a plea bargain can be reached with the state attorney a plea may be entered with a negotiated sentence for the judge to follow.  The ultimate decision to follow the negotiated sentence falls with the judge. If the defendant maintains his plea of not guilty the case proceeds Adjudication.

  • Adjudication

The adjudicatory phase is the stage the defendant's case resolves via plea bargain or proceeds to trial. A preliminary hearing may be held prior to trial. The defense attorney is able to obtain discovery from the state attorney and in some case take depositions. If the case does not resolve via a plea bargain then the case proceeds to trial.

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