Getting Divorced?

You likely don’t need our Jacksonville divorce attorneys to tell you that stress is associated with divorce; and, you may have heard that high stress careers like doctors and lawyers have the highest drug and alcohol rates of all professions. But, did you know that you job may cost you a divorce? It’s true, certain jobs are correlated with high divorce rates.

Radnor University ran a study based upon U.S. Census data to determine whether certain professions are associated with elevated divorce rates; it seems they are. When you see the numbers (i.e. divorce rates), you, actually, might be surprised that the divorce rates are not higher. After all, divorce rates hover just over 50% in 2011.

Because U.S. Census data was used, only data on people currently divorced was used; thus, the divorce rates are, likely, vastly understated. As Jacksonville divorce attorneys, we think it would be interesting to review a study of all Americans and evaluate specific jobs with whether they had ever been divorced, without necessarily focusing on their current marital status.

Regardless, it’s still interesting to view these weird divorce facts. Check out this:

  • If you live in a red state, you are 27% more likely to get divorced than if you live in a blue state.
  • If you have a daughter, you are 5% more likely to get divorced than if you have a son.
  • If you hang out with divorced people, you are 147% more likely to get divorced than if you don’t.
  • If you have a sibling that is divorced, you are 22% more likely to get divorced.
  • Is one of you is as smoker and one is not, you are 75-91% more likely to get divorced than two smokers.

Job - Divorce Countdown (The Top 15 Jobs with Elevated Divorce Rates)
15.) Maids and housekeeping cleaners — 26.38% divorce rate
14.) Roofers — 26.85% divorce rate
13.) Waiters/waitresses — 27.12% divorce rate
12.) Telemarketers — 28.10% divorce rate
11.) Baggage porters and concierges — 28.49% divorce rate
10.) Entertainers and performers, sports and related workers — 28.49% divorce
9.) Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides — 28.95% divorce rate
8.) Telephone operators — 29.30% divorce rate
7.) Factory workers (i.e. food & tobacco products) — 29.78% divorce rate
6.) Gaming service worker (i.e. casino) — 31.35% divorce rate
5.) Extruding machine operator (i.e. factory worker) — 32.74%
4.) Gaming cage worker (i.e. casino) — 34.66% divorce rate
3.) Massage therapists — 38.22% divorce rate
2.) Bartenders — 38.43% divorce rate
1.) Dancers & choreographers — 43.05% divorce rate

Job – Divorce (9 Jobs with Really Low Divorce Rates)

  • Media & communication equipment workers - 0% divorce rate
  • Agricultural engineers - 1.78% divorce rate
  • Optometrists - 4.01% divorce rate
  • Transit and railroad police - 5.26% divorce rate
  • Clergy - 5.61% divorce rate
  • Directors of religious activity - 5.88% divorce rate
  • Sales engineers - 6.61% divorce rate
  • Podiatrists - 6.81% divorce rate
  • Nuclear engineers - 7.29% divorce rate

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