Modifications of Timesharing Agreements

Life unfolds and changes happen. It’s normal. Are you seeking a modification of your timesharing agreement? If so, we are here to help.

We understand that situations may arise that require a change to your child’s visitation agreement. We can make the entire process easier for you. We will make sure you’re your needs and those of your children are met.

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What are some reasons for timesharing modifications?

Some life changes may make it difficult to follow your current timesharing agreement or it simply may not longer be in the best interests of your children. In order to follow the law, and meet the needs of your child, a new plan may need to be executed.

The following examples are reasons for timesharing modification:

  • The current timesharing plan no longer meets the needs of your child
  • You experience changes in employment
  • You experience changes in your living situation or living environment
  • Active military duty assignment
  • Relocation changes
  • Medical or psychological changes
  • Child is old enough and has a preference about living arrangement.
  • Other significant life changes that make it extremely difficult to follow the current timesharing agreement

Have you or your children’s other parent experienced significant life changes? If so, you may be in need of a new timesharing agreement. We can help you design a new agreement that meets the needs of your children and your new situation (or the other parent’s new situation.)

How can we help?

We have extensive experience in family law matters including timesharing modification. We can help you in a number of ways. Below are some examples of how we can help:

  • We will answer your questions and address your concerns
  • We will guide your throughout the entire legal process
  • We can prove to the court that circumstances have changed
  • We can create a plan that has the child’s best interest in mind
  • We can create a new plan that outlines pickup and drop off schedules, weekday and weekend schedules, and holiday and vacation schedules
  • We will make the communication process easier for you and the other parent

Is your current timesharing agreement no longer working? We will work with you, your ex-spouse, and the court to make a new agreement that meets the needs of your child. We will make sure that your child is still able to have an equal relationship with both you and your ex-spouse. We will help you get through all of the legal hoops.

Where to get help

We want to help you and your family. We can help you with all aspects of your timesharing modification.
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