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Florida Time Sharing (Custody) Laws

Divorce can be a stressful process for all family members. Not only is it difficult dealing with many life changes, but it can also be stressful handling time sharing (i.e. custody) between parents.

If you are considering a divorce, you may have questions about the time sharing laws. Take a look at some of the information below to better understand the process. The custody attorneys at Arnold Lawyers can make the process easier and find the best plan for you and your family.

How is custody decided?

Florida custody law focuses on a shared parental responsibility plan.

The court will decide on a court approved parenting plan that outlines the needs of the child such as healthcare, education, and daily care for the child.

The court will also develop a time sharing schedule that is fair for both parents. This allows both parents to play a part in the child's life. This will outline weekday and weekend time visitation, holiday and summer visitation, pickup and drop of schedules, and more.

The court will want to provide both parents with reasonable and frequent time with the child while also looking out for the child's best interest.

How does the court make a parental sharing plan?

The court will examine a number of factors when creating a parental sharing plan. The court will want to make sure that each parent is able to provide a loving and supportive environment for the child while also being able to keep a parental relationship with each other.

The court will examine the following factors:

  • The ability of each parent to have a good relationship with the child
  • The ability of each parent to continue a parental relationship
  • The best interest of the child
  • The ability for each parent to act based on the child's needs 
  • Moral fitness of each parent
  • Mental and physical health of each parent
  • The ability for each parent to meet the needs of the child

What if my ex-spouse is not the best person to care for my child?

If the court finds that your ex-spouse is unable to provide your child with the care that is needed, you may be granted sole parental responsibility. This would enable you to make important decisions about your child's life without having to consult with your ex-spouse.

It is important to note that it is not common practice for one parent to be awarded sole parental responsibility in the state of Florida. The court will make its decision based on the needs and best interest of the child and each parent's abilities.

Where to get help

We can help you throughout the difficult process of time sharing formerly known as "custody." We understand your desire to provide your child with the best living arrangement and environment possible. We will work with you and the court to provide your child with a loving and safe living arrangement.
If you have questions about Florida's time sharing laws or if you want to hire a time sharing/custody attorney, contact the experienced attorneys at Arnold Lawyers.

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