Do You Need a Gray Divorce?

Have you heard the term, “gray divorce?” As Jacksonville divorce lawyers, we hear our clients using the term, “gray divorce,” with increasing frequency. After all, Florida has the oldest population in the United States and “gray divorce” refers to the ending of long-term marriages, those over 20 years. There are many gray divorces in Florida.

Baby boomers (born 1946 to 1964) have a 36% divorce rate which could be due to a number of factors, including a high marriage rate, children leaving the nest, careers taking less focus, and economic security. Sometimes, it’s said that these marriages simply fade away. There is sadness, but not the intense animosity that often comes with divorce.

Many baby boomers remarry, which often leads to divorce, keeping that 36% divorce rate steady. In fact, second marriages have an even higher divorce rate than first marriages.

Gray divorces are prevalent. Approximately 25% of all divorces, according to the 2007 U.S. Census, ended marriages of 20 years or more. Fortunately for all involved, these marriages end more amicably than marriages of fewer years as the couples share grown children, even grandchildren, and wish to keep the peace. Property division and alimony remain important issues in gray divorces, but there’s usually no longer a “winner take all” attitude.

As Jacksonville divorce lawyers much of our divorce practice centers on gray divorce. We understand that while you and your spouse no longer wish to remain marriage, keeping the peace for the sake of the family is likely a top priority. To that end and, although we always assertively support your best interests, we help couples amicably reach a settlement for property division and alimony so that you can remain a family, attending future family events at the same time without extreme animosity.

Sometimes, gray divorces include minor children; in that case, we help peacefully and without antagonizing your spouse, mediate an agreement as to child custody, visitation, and support. In these cases, it’s often prudent to require the spouse, providing child support and alimony, to carry life insurance to protect the family.

Another consideration in gray divorce is a trial separation. If you or your spouse is unsure whether divorce is appropriate, you may want to consider a trial separation. You can both clear your mind and focus on your individual needs. Our Jacksonville divorce lawyers can help you create a separation agreement that can offer you protection during this time.

If you feel that divorce is necessary, we can also help you throughout the process. It’s important to seek legal counsel because a divorce can be extremely complicated and confusing. We are experienced Jacksonville divorce attorneys who have handled a variety of divorce cases and will work to get the results that you need, while limiting added stress on your part.

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