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Drug offenses are extremely punishable. If you’ve been accused of a drug crime, it’s important that you get the legal counsel that you deserve. The experienced Clay County drug offense defense attorneys of Arnold Law can help defend you and stand up for your rights. We can work hard to lessen or eliminate the consequences that you may face.

What is a controlled substance?

Certain drug use and distribution is governed by law. Controlled substances are classified by different schedules. Punishments for drug cases involving controlled substances can vary based on the schedule of the drug and the specific drug offense.

What types of drug offenses exist?

There are a variety of drug offenses that an individual can be charged with. If convicted, each offense has its own penalties.

Distribution and trafficking – Those accused of this crime are accused of providing, delivering, or selling drugs illegally. Punishment can vary based on the amount of drugs involved in the distribution.

Manufacturing – This offense involved manufacturing illegal drugs. This can include substance creation in laboratories as well as growing natural elements to make controlled substances.

Possession – This offense is one of the more common offenses. To be convicted of this possession, the individual does not have to be using the drugs. If the person knowingly has the drugs in their possession, they may be charged with the crime.

If I’m convicted, what penalties will I face?

If convicted of a drug offense, you will face serious penalties. These penalties are based on the type of drug and the amount of the drug in question. Below are some examples of the consequences of a conviction:

  • You will have to pay costly fines
  • You will face jail type (in some cases up to 15 years!)
  • You may receive a probation sentence
  • You may have to attend drug counseling
  • You may have trouble finding a job or an apartment
  • You will have a criminal record

If you are being accused of a serious drug offense, it’s important that you get the legal help that you need as soon as possible. Without Clay County drug offense defense attorneys, your punishments may be extremely severe.

How can Clay County drug offense defense attorneys help me?

If you’ve been accused of a drug crime, you need the experience and knowledge of Clay County drug offense defense attorneys. We can help in the following ways:

  • We will listen to your side of the story and be there for you during your time of crisis.
  • We will help answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • We will aggressively stand up for you and your legal rights.
  • We will aggressively negotiate to try and get your charges reduced or dismissed.
  • We will thoroughly investigate to see if the police had enough evidence to charge you with the crime.

We can help you fight your drug offense case. You deserve fair and honest treatment.

Give us a call today. We are a team of professional Clay County drug offense defense attorneys with extensive knowledge in drug defense. Call (904) 264-3627, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have two offices, which are conveniently located in Clay County near Fleming Island and Orange Park. We can help. CALL OUR Clay County DRUG OFFENSE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!



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